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Astro a10 gaming headset drivers

Astro gaming a10

Astro gaming a10

Astro a10 gaming headset drivers is the best gaming headset this time. This is the most popular gaming headset at this time and many big Gamers like total gaming and dynamo. This type of such gamer uses the base Astro gaming a10 headset. 


The Astro gaming a 10 is as your budget gaming headphone you can easily buy this gaming headphone on an online E-commerce website and this headphone design was very expensive and this  headphone weight was very lightly. This headphone is solid for choosing any person easily.

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Astro a10 gaming headset 

The Astro A10 Gen 2 is a great gaming headset for those on a budget. With an impressive microphone and balanced audio, as well as a flexible and lightweight design, this is a solid choice for anyone who doesn’t have an issue with wires .

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Design and feature of a10 gaming headset 


  • This headphone was very flexible and lightweight.
  • This headphone is controlled by the line wire.
  • Non-disable microphone.
  • This headphone weight is 246 gram.


You look at this phone as design wise this headphone is designed to look like a gaming headphone and with a might so many look like a pro gamer quality. This headphone does not have any RGB light.

This headphone weighs 246 gram.


Sound quality and microphone of Astro gaming a10 headset.


  • This headphone audio quality was very great audio quality.
  • This headphone microphone was very good to catch any voice anywhere as easily.

For less than many slow audio quality and you sing a loud audio quality your decision 12 how it works as a quality.



Astro a10 gaming headset drivers
Astro a10 gaming headset drivers


While 7.1 surround sound would obviously be more immersive, we fail easily to best audio quality of this gaming headset, I didn’t feel like I was missing out on any big audio cues while playing Hades on my Switch. I could track

where my enemies were through sound without issue. Music playback was balanced and I could catch the ringing sounds from my sword as I slashed through enemies, with the chatter between demons sounding wispy and menacing.


Features of Astro a10 gaming headset


  • Long-lasting Comfort – Featuring over-the-ear construction with cloth-covered foam ear cushions and headband, this headset was very comfortable to use and easily covered with the cotton and this is the extended quality of long lasting conferred headset. these lightweight ASTROs lower fatigue and extended the duration of any gaming session.
  • Flip-to-mute Microphone – Uni-directional microphone with flip-to-mute functionality means you can communicate with your teammates clearly. In-line Volume adjustment provides more control so you’re always in charge of your audio.



Astro a10 gaming headset drivers
Astro a10 gaming headset drivers

Astro a10 gaming headset call of duty 

Astro A10 gaming headset call of duty is the very best gaming headset for playing Call of Duty and other online is sports games you play easily and gain a big performance and including many knowledge is about your games

and you play as a profession players and you sing a player footprints and many suggestion in sing your game. You said this headphone and Spot Your Enemy easily. The Astro A10 gaming headset collaborates with the Call of Duty game.


Astro a10 gaming headset specification


  • Product ID – 182067
  • Features – Bluetooth,Built-in Microphone,Sound Isolating
  • Only at GameStop – No
  • Compatible Platforms    Xbox One
  • Product Height – 2.79
  • Product Dimensions: (H x W x L)    2.79X6.00X6.67
  • Product Weight- 0.7
  • Product Length – 6.67
  • Product Width    6
  • Brand Name – Astro Gaming
  • Developer Name – Astro Gaming
  • Franchise – Call of Duty
  • Product Warning and State Regulation -California Proposition 65 Warning

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