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Best Gaming Processor For Games Like BGMI & COD

Best Gaming Processor For Games

Best Gaming Processor – If you are a gamer and play games like BGMI and COD on your mobile or TAB, You must know about the mobile processors. Some processors are not so good for gaming and some processors are actually made for gaming. 

now if you are a gamer, you should purchase a smartphone that has a good processor for gaming right. but how will you know that this processor is good for gaming or not?

in today’s market, many companies said that our processor is very fast and best for gaming, but did you use that? do you feel like it is the best processor? I guess not right. But We did.

We Compare more than 100 smartphones having different processors each and all are well known for gaming processors.

In this article, we will be going to tell you about our observation with 100 gaming smartphones, we play games with each and every smartphone and we found unexpected results.

Do you wanna know that what we get with this observation? Well This was a stupid question I guess, you are here exactly to know this observation.

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Snapdragon vs MediaTek vs Exynos vs Apple Bionic Chip

As we know there are many processors are available in the market in different types of smartphones, but in this article, we will going to compare these four processors Snapdragon vs MediaTek vs Exynos vs Apple Bionic Chip in sense of gaming.


Best Gaming Processor – MediaTek?

When we play games on the smartphone having a gaming processor of MediaTek, we observe many lags and disturbance during playing, every time my character is stuck when we played for long time periods. and also network up down problems.

Best Gaming Processor – Exynos

Exynos processors generally come with Samsung devices, no other brand will use this processor. when we play games with Samsung devices having gaming processors we observe that with time our performance of gaming decreases but if we play games with breaks then it performs well, sometimes network-up down problems occurred but not so much.

Best Gaming Processor – SnapDragon

Nowadays, the snapdragon processor becomes the best in the market. almost every company uses it in their smartphones and we can say that the performance is quite better than other phones but when we compare in the sense of gaming then we observe that lagging is the big problem and frame drops and heating issues in a long time period gaming.


Best Gaming Processor – Apple Bionic Chip

so apple bionic chips come in Apple smartphones and tablets and it is the best processor when we talk about other performances but in gaming processors honestly saying we only have 1 apple iPhone and this phone is almost the best at performance with other ones. we have a great gaming experience with this device.

conclusion – apple processors are the best gaming processors.

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