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How to Protect Phone From Virus – 3 Proven Ways

How to Protect Phone From Virus

Hello everyone, Today I am going to tell you that how you can protect your mobile phone from harmful viruses and malware. Don’t worry, you don’t have to pay for an antivirus, I am going to tell you a free way to protect your smartphone from viruses.

Well, Everyone using the internet on their phones, but do you know, most of the viruses come from the internet, either when you suffering web or when you get something from the internet.

So it is very important to protect your mobile phone, otherwise, your phone starts hanging after some days and you can’t do anything about this problem.

I will tell you all the possible ways to protect your mobile phone, after reading this article you can protect your smartphones.

What will be the Impact of viruses?

Well, Viruses are very harmful to your stored files as well as for your smartphone too, Viruses can slow down your mobile’s processor that causes hang.

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Viruses can corrupt your stored files, like if you have stored videos on your phone then that video will be corrupted by the viruses if you have the virus in your smartphones, and then you can’t play that video again, you have to delete it.

Viruses can harm your all files one by one slowly and you can’t stop them. You have to format your devices that will cause to loss of your data.

How Can I Know That My Phone Has Virus Or Not?

Well, if you have this question then let me tell you that you cant find viruses on your phones because that virus is not visible in the file manager, most viruses are not visible in devices.

But you can scan your devices with the help of applications available in the play store to find out that viruses are present in your devices or not.

You can use mobile pre-installed security apps to scan users’ devices and give details of users who have viruses on their smartphones.

How Can I Protect Our Device?

If you want to protect your devices then you must have to secure your device first, for you can use applications like cleaner and antivirus that can protect your device and send you notifications about every thread.

You can also protect your devices by not visiting malware websites that harm your device

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You can clean up Your devices and delete those files which are not important for you or you don’t have used on them. In this way, your device is always neat and clean with all your important files, having many files on the device which are useless is a big problem.

System Security is working or not?

If you have a question that system security which is already present in some smartphone-like redmi realme then are working or not? The answer is that are working that pre-installed applications.

These apps are very protective and free for use and they take very little space in your smartphone and protect your phone very well.

So, Guys, That is all in this article, I hope these tricks will work for your devices and protect your device please let me know if you have any questions in the comment section, thanks for reading.





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