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How To Secure My Device? Smartphone & Laptop

Secure my Device – Hello friends, Welcome again, Today we are going to discuss a very important topic, which is how to secure your devices like smartphones and laptops. Now you are thinking that your devices are already secured then why the need this article.

But do you know that your data may not be secured? many apps and websites use your daily data for their own uses. like what you search, what you store, and many more important data may not be secure.

In this article, I am going to tell you about how you can secure your device so that your personal data should be safe.

Why Secure My Device is important?

When we use any app, that means we confirm their privacy and policy that may include storing your data. many companies use our data to improve their company. but there are many personal data present in our smartphones and laptop that we may not want to share with anyone.

Do you know you can protect your data and secure your device with some techniques and smart work? I am going to tell you all those tricks so that your devices should be secured.

To know all the useful methods to secure your device please read this full article then your device will be secured.

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How To Secure My Devices?

I am going to share some useful tips that may secure your device and your data will be safe from being stolen. to make your device protected must follow these steps which i am going to tell you.

1. Always stay UP TO DATE with Android Patch Updates – we all know that our phones are regularly updated this is to make your device more secure, many peoples do not update your phone timely that may cause data stolen from that smartphone. so it is very important to timely update your phone in order to make your smartphone secure.

2. Don’t Give unnessesary permissions – We know that apps which we have installed in our phone always want permission to overwrite them, like storage permission, microphone permission, Camera permission, etc. These permission are needed for the functionality of that apps, but giving unnessesary permission is maybe not secured for you. so please make sure to give only necessary permissions.

3. Don’t Install Unknown Applications – On the internet, many websites offered free  services and some of them are not genuine. that may lead to data stole so be careful to get from the internet, only install through verified sources.

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4. Always Use Anti-Virus or Any other protections services – Nowadays many smartphone companies come with their own anti-virus service like Redmi has their own protection service. it is very important to have a service for protection that will always give you a popup about the virus and malware and make your device secure. some smartphones are not coming with pre-installed anti-virus make sure to purchase or get an antivirus.

5. Don’t use unknown mod Applications – today, many people give a cracked version of paid apps, do you know that apps are not really secured? yes, it is right that apps are very less secure and may be harmful to your personal data like credit card and debit card information. so it is my recommendation to not use those apps that will not good for your security.

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So That is all in this article guys, make sure to follow these methods to secure your devices. if you follow these steps your data will be safe. In today’s world many big companies like FB, Amazon, Flipkart uses our data to make use of it in their companies and services, and we don’t have any option to stop them because we are addicted to online shopping and using Fb, these are only some example even google uses data to improve their services.

If you like this article must follow these steps and share this article with your friends to make your friend’s devices also secured. thanks.





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