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Insta 360 one x review, Price, Feature, specification and photo and video editing and quality



The Insta360 One X, which was released at the tail end of 2018, soon overtook all other 360 cameras in popularity. Through 2019, it kept this designation, and numerous well-known YouTubers and vloggers were spotted using the camera. The Insta360 One X gained popularity due to its small size, nearly flawless stabilisation, relatively high video quality (in comparison to other 360 cameras), and user-friendly editing interface.


More than a year later, a number of new 360-degree cameras have been introduced, including the One R, the One X’s successor. The One R is no longer a purely 360-degree camera and has changed in terms of functionality and design. Both benefits and cons can be found in this. The question is still open: Are there any better possibilities for 2020 than the Insta360 One X?

Insta 360 one x  specification



  • 8


  • 7K @30fps, 24fps, 25fps,
  • 4K @50fps, 30fps,
  • 3K @ 100fps

  Bit Rate:

  • 120MBPS


  • inv (can be exported via App or Studio),
  • mp4 (enable in-camera FlowState Stabilization),
  • supports LOG and HDR videos


  • Standard,
  • HDR,
  • Timelapse,
  • TimeShift,
  • Bullet Time


  • 264


  • x 2 Microphone


  • Yes – 4K




  • 18MP


  • Standard,
  • HDR,
  • Burst,
  • Interval,
  • Night Shot


  • INSP,
  • RAW

Exposure Modes:

  • Auto, Manual (with shutter speeds from 1/8000s to 120s, ISO from 100 to 3200),
  • Shutter Priority (1/8000s-2s),
  • ISO Priority (100-3200)

 White Balance:

  • Auto,
  • 2700K,
  • 4000K,
  • 5000K,
  • 6500K




  • No – Protective Case Needed

Battery Life:

  • 40 Minutes of Recording Time

Special Features:

  • Invisible Extendable Pole, Re-framing Software


Insta 360 one x  Features

Forget 360° because The One X delivers a number of unique features not available on any other action camera. It’s worthwhile to start by contrasting one of its distinguishing qualities—that 5.7K resolution—with those of competitors. The GoPro Fusion boasts 5.2K, while Insta’s last attempt, the Insta360 One, only reached 4K.

The One X has much more frames per second than the competition. It records at 5.7K at 30 fps, 4K at 50 fps, and, most importantly, 3K at 100 fps. The One X’s two main special effects capabilities, Cinematic Slow-Mo and Time-shift, which let you slow down or speed up certain points in your finished film, are made possible by the latter talent.


Insta360 video editing


A variety of editing tools and apps are available from Insta360 that may be used to produce and edit 360-degree videos. The official video editor for Insta360 cameras is Insta360 Studio, which is accessible on both Mac and Windows. It provides a range of capabilities, including fundamental ones like cuts, filters, and effects, as well as more sophisticated ones like motion tracking and sophisticated colour grading.


Additionally, users can export their finished videos in a variety of sizes and formats, including those for Facebook, YouTube, and virtual reality. Insta360 provides the Insta360 ONE app for mobile users, which may be used to record and edit 360-degree videos. It enables for direct sharing to social networking networks and comes with basic editing tools, filters, and effects.


Insta360 photo quality


Depending on the model you select, Insta360 cameras can produce photos of varying quality. High-definition photos and movies may be taken with the Insta360 One X2, One R Twin Edition, and Pro 2 cameras, which all have 5.7K resolution.


Both the Insta360 One X and GO provide 1080p resolution and produce high-quality pictures and movies. To further improve the calibre of your photographs and movies, all Insta360 cameras also have exceptional stabilisation, HDR capabilities, and post-processing facilities.


Insta360 video quality

The model and settings you select will affect the video quality of an Insta360 camera. Insta360 cameras typically shoot videos of a high calibre, with versions like the Insta360 ONE X having 5.7K resolution and 30 frames per second.


Many Insta360 cameras can record in 8K resolution at up to 100 frames per second with the appropriate settings and add-ons, making them perfect for shooting fluid, high-definition film. Additionally, the majority of Insta360 cameras have built-in stabilisation, allowing you to create smooth, polished films without a gimbal.


Insta360 one x2 selfie


A versatile 360-degree camera that works well for taking great selfies is the Insta360 One X2. The camera can record 360-degree video in up to 5.7K quality and includes two fish-eye lenses with a 180-degree field of view. You can effortlessly capture the ideal selfie thanks to its powerful stabilisation technology and variety of creative editing tools. You can also live-stream your selfies on social media using the Insta360 app.


The One X additionally states that HDR is supported for video as well as still photographs with a resolution of 18 MP in JPEG or DNG raw formats. The One X also features FlowState, a new picture stabilisation technology that was featured on the Insta360 One and is a tremendous hit on the GoPro Fusion, which is maybe more significant. Since the video is stabilised to the horizon, a gimbal is essentially not needed. It works like the devil.



Another feature carried over from the One to the One X, which the GoPro Fusion lacks, is live 360° video streaming. To be honest, we don’t believe anyone uses this feature.A video with 5.7K resolution is captured.

FlowState, new IS technology, Cinematic Slow-Mo, and Time-Shift modes are included.$599 for the Insta360 One X on


Insta 360 one x  Design


The One X has undergone a complete redesign rather than a modification to the Insta360 One’s design. Despite being slightly bigger than its predecessor, it still feels pocket-sized when compared to the bulky GoPro Fusion. It weighs 115 g, which makes it around one-third lighter than the Yi 360 VR and nearly half as light as its primary rival. That does indicate that the battery is rather small. A 1,200mAh battery is housed inside the 115 x 48 x 28mm shell, which pales in comparison to the Fusion’s 2,620mAh or the Yi 360 VR’s 1,400mAh.


However, unlike the previous iteration, the battery is at least replaceable. A micro USB charging port is exposed on one side, and a normal 1/4-inch tripod thread and another unprotected microSD card slot are located on the underside.


However, it may also be used with any tripod. Another option is an extendable, “invisible” selfie stick that can be attached to any tripod. The One X pulls itself out of any footage you use it to produce in a clever technique.


The One X comes with a battery, a protective case that hangs around the neck, and connections that connect it to USB ports for charging as well as to Apple and Android phones for manual file transfers. When compared to using an app and WiFi, using a wired connection for file transfer does use less power, but the time saved is minimal.The Insta360 One has undergone a thorough overhaul and weighs 115g without being waterproof.



Insta 360 one x  Performance


Before you begin filming with the One X, you have a number of choices to make. Do you need 3K or 5.7K resolution video? The decision of whether to trade down on resolution or trade up on that unique effect must be made because the latter boasts 100 frames per second slo-mo.



The One X is simple to use, however, we did run across a problem with the on/off button, which is far too easy to push unintentionally when holding the One X. The GoPro Fusion, which has a battery life that is just very slightly longer despite having a much larger cell, must be less efficient than this device because the battery lasted roughly 60 minutes in our tests with Wi-Fi turned on.


The actual decisions are made after you’ve captured the raw 360° footage, as the special effects imply. We had to rely only on the app during our evaluation because there was no functioning desktop programme for video (it was in beta testing and coming shortly, albeit the previous Insta360 One software handles images).


  • Using the One X is simple.
  • There are numerous options for special effects.
  • Battery life might be improved.



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