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iPhone vs Android – 14+ Pros & Cons

iPhone vs Android

Hello readers, welcome to our website, today we will be going to compare iPhones vs Androids that what are the advantages and disadvantages of using iPhone vs Android.

We will discuss all possible comparisons between iPhone vs Android. This article is going to be very interesting.

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If you want to purchase a smartphone and you have a budget in which an iPhone or an android can be purchased, but you are not able to decide that what should you purchase, what will be the best for you.

You must have a question in your mind that iPhone vs Android, which one is the best? Don’t worry you will get all your answer in this article, after reading this article you can decide what should you buy.

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iPhone vs Android What is Best?

We will exactly be going to find out the best one of iPhone vs Android. We will compare in 10 points – cost, features, security, user experience, services, look, availability of applications, branded, camera and gaming.

We will analyze all these features and then compare them with other smartphones and give you an honest review that will surely help you to choose your best smartphone.


Features – Camera, Gaming and Look.

Gaming is everyone choice today, everyone wants a device that performs best at gaming, where many peoples want a good camera in the phone so that they can record video click pic, etc. and some people also want a good look too, well all these features have in both iPhone & Android.

So according to me, the camera and gaming winner is the iPhone and the look winner is android.

User Experience and Brand Trust

Everyone knows people believe in apple the most because their smartphones are amazing at performance. performance makes people have a good experience for the company. and they were using high-quality materials for making their devices and that makes apple a little bit costly than other smartphones available in the market.

So here iPhone beat the android and our winner for user experience and brand trust is the iPhone.

Availability of Applications for daily Use.

Play Store is the biggest app store in the world, you can find types of apps and games there but when we talk about Appstore there are not so many applications available as compared with the play store.

in Appstore there are mostly paid apps, you have to purchase before you can use them, so here is our winner is android because in the play store you can find out every app you need. so that you can do your work properly.

Which is more Expensive?

When we are talking about the cost of the iPhone, we all know that iPhone is more costly than Androids, But it is wrong, there are many smartphones available in the market that is more costly than iPhones.

such as the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is a smartphone by Samsung which costs almost 1.75 lakhs and Huawei Mate 30 pro costs almost 2.2 lakhs. and many more phones available which are very costly

But, when we talk about the average price of android and iPhone then iPhones are more costly than Android. Since Android are less costly so Android is our winner.

Services & Security

When we talk about services, in android it depends on many companies like Xiaomi, Samsung, oppo, vivo, and Oneplus so the service may vary from company to company in Android, where iPhone provides valuable services to their customers.

And we all know iPhones are more secure than androids, and this point is very important for celebrities that is why they use iPhones instead of high-cost android phones. the winner is the iPhone.

So iPhone vs Android who is the winner? the winner is the iPhone.



              • Low Costly
              • Very Good Look
              • Good Performance
              • Good Services  & Security
              • Good Camera & Gaming








              • High Costly
              • Good Look
              • Very Good Performance
              • Very Good Services & Security
              • Very Good Camera & Gaming




So, Guys that are all in this article, if you have any type of quarries let us know, we will surely answer you as soon as possible and help you in any way. thanks for reading our article. have a good day to you.

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