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JioBook Laptop – A Brand New Laptop By Jio

JioBook Laptop is Going to Release Soon in India What is Good

Recently, jio announced that they are working on a laptop project called “JioBook”. This is a laptop by Jio which is going to be the cheapest laptop available in the market.

we all know that jio always launches great devices that no one ever launched. Like jio launched India’s cheapest 4G Mobile that is jio phone.

and now Jio is going to launch a laptop called Jiobook. This laptop is going to be an awesome laptop. we will discuss everything about this laptop in this article. price, launch date in India, specifications, etc.

What is Good In JioBook Laptop?

JioBook is going to be a low-budget laptop so it is likely to be said that this jiobook laptop is not going to be good for the gaming experience, but it will be the best in operating, browsing, and for work.

in today’s time, many people purchase laptops because of attending live class, this jiobook laptop is going to be the best for this work.

And if want to do projects on a laptop like photoshop, MS Office Tally, and other professional works then Jiobook is good for you. as the purpose of making this jiobook laptop is to do professional works.

​What will be the price of the JioBook laptop In India

From Now, There is no confirmation by jio about the JioBook Laptop. but As it is by Jio we can say that this laptop is going to be a low budget laptop of about 20000 to 25000. Also, the price can be changed from its different variants like it is going to release in 3 variants according to hard disk and RAm.


When JioBook Laptop Is Going To Launch in India?

well, we can say that this jioBook Laptop Is going to launch in the upcoming year 2022. and there will be a pre-booking option is going to available from 1 month prior to the launch date, make sure to follow our blog, when it will be available for booking, I will inform you.

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Specifications of The JioBook Laptop?

When we talk about the specifications of the Jiobook Laptop then it will be going to run on the Android operating system that means it will be an android based operating system that can be run on android version 11.

It will come with 2Gb, 3Gb, And 4GB Ram Variant.

It has the 1366×768 resolution display Full HD.

It can have the feature to run android apps on your Jiobook Laptop Instantly, no need to use an emulator, you can directly install any app or game from the play store as you do on android smartphones.

There are many features available on the Jiobook laptop which we will be going to post when we have a confirmation. so make sure to follow this blog.


JioBook Laptop Is worth to Buy?

well, now it is time to review the JioBook Laptop, This is clear that Jiobook is going to be a low-budget laptop, for those who are not able to afford a high-budget laptop can go for it. it is good for those people. and also it is good for those who want to use this laptop for professional works and browsing, online classes.

But if you want to play games then I will not be recommended this laptop as it is not made for gaming. but it is not our full review we are going to discuss JioBook Laptop when it is available to purchase, for now, it is all about Jiobook Laptop.

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