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Nokia great phone models TA-1405

 Nokia great phone, know great specification 50mp camera power full battery

Friends, there is a piece of big and good news for you, those who like to use Nokia or Nokia, there is a piece of good news for them that Nokia is going to bring a great smartphone with a 50MP camera for its users. In Nokia‘s upcoming new mobile certification website US FCC friends have come to know that Nokia is about to launch its new model TA-1412, a model with great features of 4900 mh, Nokia has two models one is Nokia TA-1412, and TA -1404, power full battery and 50MP camera setup will be available.



Friends, according to a news, it has been learned that Nokia’s upcoming smartphone Nokia some models TA-1405, TA-1412, TA-1404, TA-1401, TA-1418 and TA-1415 will be seen in seven Nokia smartphones. He has come, what is he, he tells

 Nokia great phone models TA-1405
Nokia great phone models TA-1405

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Friends, there is no upcoming official news about Nokia yet, according to the information of the upcoming two models of Nokia, one TA-1412 and TA-1404 Nokia will launch this in the market very soon, in this you will see three triple rear camera setup and one Powerful battery will get 50MP primary sensor and 2 other lenses and in this model of Nokia you will get 8MP front camera  Nokia’s TA-1404 This phone is a two sim



phone and when it comes to RAM and storage of this phone, then Nokia will launch it in seven markets of 4GB and storage 128GB and Nokia’s TA-1412 Talking about this model, then it will have There is not much difference too but this is a single sim phone and the storage of this phone is 3 gb and 64 storage, both of these phones have the same mh battery as the Unisoc processor will also be seen in the upcoming Nokia phone.

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