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Review of Xfinity Mobile: 9 Things to Consider in 2023


After I switched to Comcast’s Xfinity Mobile, a low-cost wireless service that utilizes Verizon’s network, my monthly cell phone bill significantly decreased.

Xfinity Mobile began in 2017, and a few months later I signed up for the wireless plan, paying an average of $15 each month.


I only spent $180.11 on cell phone service during my first year with them.


Review of Verizon’s 5G network’s budget-friendly cell phone plans from Xfinity Mobile

More than five million people already use Xfinity Mobile, but the company is now up against stiffer competition from rivals like Visible by Verizon.


In 2023, will Xfinity Mobile still be worthwhile? I’ll elaborate on the benefits and drawbacks of the service in this essay using examples from my own experience.

Pros and Cons of Xfinity Mobile Overview


  • Affordable phone plans, especially for many service lines
  • 5G access and Verizon’s top-rated wireless network were both provided.
  • Freedom to change data options
  • Customer support via phone


  • Plans with only one line might be more competitive.
  • To register, you must already have Xfinity Internet service.
  • Charge if you ever decide to cancel your internet subscription.
  • Fast Facts about Xfinity Mobile

Xfinity Mobile:

What is it? A postpaid, no-contract phone service that is only accessible to Xfinity internet users.

Xfinity Mobile uses what network? Access to millions of Xfinity Wi-Fi hotspots, Verizon’s 5G and 4G LTE networks, and the ability to conserve usage.

Is data on Xfinity Mobile unlimited? Unlimited Intro, Unlimited Plus, and Unlimited Premium are the three available unlimited data plans.

What is the price of Xfinity Mobile? Plans for shared data start at $15 per month, while prices for unlimited plans start at $30 per month per line.

What phone plans does Xfinity Mobile offer? Up to $500 off selected Samsung Galaxy handsets is included in the updated April 2023 promotions (see offerings).

Are Android phones allowed on Xfinity Mobile? BYOD now covers Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy, and Apple iPhone-compatible devices.

The quality of Xfinity Mobile? I’ve been an Xfinity Mobile client for several years, and I haven’t experienced any significant issues.

Because I’ve tried the service numerous times as a paying user, my evaluation of Xfinity Mobile differs from some of the other reviews you may find online.


Before signing up, learn more about Xfinity Mobile by reading on!

  1. Eligibility criteria

In contrast to other mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs), Xfinity Mobile requires that you already have an Xfinity internet subscription in order to join up for the service. It’s a challenging criterion.


Depending on your plan, combining with Xfinity Mobile can reduce your monthly internet price by up to $30.


For a limited time, Xfinity is providing new customers with a discount on equipment-inclusive 200 Mbps internet for just $25 per month for two years. If you add Xfinity Mobile, you can save more money every month.

I can understand why you might not want to explore this service if you’ve frequently experienced problems with Comcast cable or internet in the past.

No Comcast in your neighborhood? You’re regrettably ineligible for the mobile promotion. Instead, think about using a service like Verizon’s Visible.


You can keep using Xfinity Mobile even if you sign up for it and then cancel Xfinity Internet due to a move or another reason.


However, your payment will now include a $25 monthly per-line cost. Find out more here.


To be clear, if you continue to use Xfinity internet service, that price is not applied. It’s only charged if you later stop using the internet.

Think about these two issues:


Where I reside, is Xfinity the greatest or the only provider of high-speed internet?

Do I intend to stay in my house or anywhere that Xfinity provides service?

If you’re happy with Xfinity’s internet service and want to stick with them, adding wireless service through Xfinity Mobile can help you save money.


  1. Plans and Costs

For a single line of service, Verizon’s postpaid unlimited data plans range in price from $70 to $90.


Utilising Verizon’s towers, Xfinity Mobile offers plans with unlimited countrywide call and text, 5G data, and access to millions of Wi-Fi hotspots for nearly half the cost of comparable Verizon rates.


In December 2022, Xfinity Mobile last changed its plans. Three unlimited subscriptions and a by-the-gig plan are now available.


Plans with No Caps

The least expensive unlimited data option from Xfinity Mobile is the Unlimited Intro package. If you add a second line, the monthly cost reduces to $30 per line from the starting price of $45 for a single line.


I tested the most popular unlimited Xfinity Mobile plan, which is also the one I tested.


Why are the new Unlimited Plus and Unlimited Premium plans from Xfinity more expensive? Better video streaming quality, more high-speed internet, and more mobile hotspot data are some of them.


Here are some of the main variations between the Unlimited plans:

Unlimited Intro

  • $45 per month for one line
  • Lines 2-4: $30 each month
  • Lines 5–10: $20 per line each month
  • 20 GGB of fast data each line
  • 480p is the minimum video resolution.
  • Hotspot with 600kbps

Unlimited Plus

  • $55 per month for one line
  • Lines 2-4: $40 apiece per month
  • Lines 5–10: $30 per line per month
  • 30 GB of super-fast data per line.
  • High-definition video in 720p
  • 5GB of 4G/5G hotspot data

Unlimited Premium

  • $65 per month for one line
  • Lines 2-4: $50 apiece each month
  • Lines 5–10: $40 per line per month
  • 50 GB of super-fast data per line.
  • High-definition video in 720p
  • 15GB of hotspot 5G/4G data


Based on the total number of Xfinity Mobile lines on your account, including By the Gig, multi-line pricing for the Unlimited plans is determined.


By doing this, not every user on your account will need to be on an Unlimited plan in order to benefit from the discounts.

From the Gig

For individuals who use less data, Xfinity Mobile’s By the Gig plan, which starts at $15 per month for 1GB of high-speed data, is the cheapest alternative.


You can also pay $30 per month for 3GB of data with By the Gig or $60 per month for 10GB. You might pay $15 for each extra GB of data if you use more than your data allowance.


If you have more than one line on your account, you can share the data under the By the Gig plan.


More information

With all plans, both unlimited and by the gig, taxes and fees are additional.


Up to 10 lines of service are free from phone line access fees, however every additional line will incur a $10 setup fee.


The carrier used by Xfinity Mobile is postpaid rather than prepaid. You pay at the conclusion of your billing cycle, in other words.


There may be a need for a soft credit inquiry, which has no impact on your credit ratings. You may be eligible for up to 10 lines of credit based on the credit check.


Your bill for Xfinity Mobile is different from your bill for other Xfinity services.


  1. Flexible Data Plans: By the Gig vs. Unlimited

The thing I appreciate most about Xfinity Mobile’s service is this: Many other cell phone plans will give you a specific amount of data each month, like 2GB or 5GB, and you have to utilise it or lose it.


You do have the choice, though, with Xfinity Mobile, to pay for your broadband in gigabytes.


As an illustration, the 1GB plan costs $15 per month. Simply add $15 for an additional GB of data if necessary.


Simply switch if the $30 for 3GB or $60 for 10GB plan proves to be more cost-effective when you require additional data. In the middle of your billing cycle, you can alter your plan.


If a line on your account consumes a lot of data, you can convert from by the gig to unlimited.


My advice is to start with the By the Gig plan for light data users and see how it goes. If you find that you are using too much data, you can always upgrade to the unlimited plan. There are no repercussions for switching between plans repeatedly.


  1. Speeds of Xfinity Mobile Data

May 2020 saw the addition of 5G coverage by Xfinity Mobile, which has subsequently expanded quickly. Verizon C-Band and 5G Ultra Wideband access are both included in the service’s wireless plans.


Verizon offers the fastest 5G, 5G Ultra Wideband. I put it to the test using Miami Beach, Florida’s Xfinity Mobile.


I measured download speeds of more than 3 Gbps (gigabits per second), or 3,000 Mbps (megabits per second), using the Speedtest app.


However, 5G speeds were reduced, like 80 Mbps, in locations where 5G Ultra Wideband was not accessible.


Download rates of 40 to 70 Mbps were common when using 4G LTE.

The Unlimited Plus or Unlimited Premium plan may be what you want if you’re worried about occasionally losing priority when the network is overloaded.


According to the website for Xfinity Mobile, the Unlimited Plus and Unlimited Premium plans offer a superior network experience and include premium data speeds. There is no premium data included in the Unlimited Intro plan.


Those with the By the Gig plan also get extra data when the network is busy.


  1. Wireless Hotspot

Mobile hotspots are a free added bonus with Xfinity Mobile. This makes it possible for you to connect to the internet using your mobile data.


I put this capability to the test, for instance, when I needed to use my computer while visiting somewhere without Wi-Fi.


I was still able to read emails and browse the web despite the 600 kbps speed cap for mobile hotspots in the Unlimited Intro package. But occasionally the video would pause.

Faster hotspot data is available with the more expensive Unlimited Plus and Unlimited Premium plans.


Unlimited Starter Plan at 600 kbps for mobile hotspots

5GB of 5G/4G mobile hotspot speed, followed by 600 kbps for the Unlimited Plus plan

15GB of 5G/4G mobile hotspot speed with an unlimited premium subscription, then 600 kbps

Fast 4G LTE mobile hotspot speeds with the Gig package.

High-speed hotspot access is available with the By the Gig plan, but it will contribute to your monthly data cap. If you frequently use mobile hotspots, I advise getting an unlimited package.


  1. Streaming video

For many consumers, high-definition streaming is crucial. In December 2022, Xfinity Mobile will provide more HD streaming options to its Unlimited subscriptions.


Unlimited Intro Plan: 480p HD LTE streaming across all devices

High-definition 720p LTE streaming on all devices with the Unlimited Plus plan

Unlimited Premium Plan: 720p LTE streaming in high definition on all devices

Additionally, according to Xfinity Mobile, 5G-enabled devices will receive the maximum video definition when connected to 5G.


Users of the By the Gig plan can enable LTE Data Saver to see videos in standard definition instead of the By the Gig plan’s default HD resolution of 720p for phones and 1080p for tablets.


Of course, Wi-Fi is always an option if you want to stream HD movies. That won’t use up any of your mobile data!


  1. Performance of Calls and Texts

I previously had excellent results using Verizon’s network, so I wasn’t really concerned about how well Xfinity Mobile will operate in my area for calls and texts.


Given that Xfinity Mobile uses Verizon’s network, the coverage map resembles that of Verizon’s postpaid service quite a bit. The distinction is that there are millions more Wi-Fi hotspots on Xfinity Mobile.


The fact that Xfinity Mobile provides Voice over LTE (VoLTE), which enables simultaneous data use and voice calls, is a fantastic feature.


With the exception of a few devices, Wi-Fi calling has also been broadened.


  1. Choice of Phone

The majority of the 20+ phones that Xfinity Mobile sells online and in its stores are the newest iPhones and Samsung models, but there are a few choices for around $200.


You can now connect a limited number of Android devices to the Xfinity Mobile network. They comprise the majority of Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy models. iPhones that are unlocked are also compatible.


In addition to BYOD, Xfinity Mobile also sells phones, tablets, and smartwatches.

Here is a brief list of phones that will be on sale in April 2023, some of which will support 5G:


  • Apple iPhone 14
  • Apple iPhone 14 Plus
  • Apple iPhone 14 Pro
  • Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max
  • Apple iPhone 13
  • Apple iPhone 12
  • Apple iPhone SE
  • Samsung Galaxy S23
  • Samsung Galaxy S23+
  • Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4
  • Samsung Galaxy S22
  • Samsung Galaxy S22+
  • Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
  • Google Pixel 7
  • Google Pixel 7 Pro
  • Moto G Pure
  • Moto G Power


Speaking of phone sales, there are frequently discounts available for high-end gadgets like the newest Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy.


Xfinity Mobile is currently running a number of promotions, including up to $500 off specific Samsung Galaxy devices.


You must change your phone number and spread the cost of the device over 24 months to qualify for the phone discount.


Wait a few weeks if there isn’t an offer for your desired phone type. The sales fluctuate a lot.


For a few smartphones, eSIM is accessible. If not, Xfinity Mobile will send you a real SIM card in the mail.


  1. Consumer assistance

I never went into a store to set up my Xfinity Mobile subscription, and I had no trouble getting started.


You may find a number of FAQ pages within the app to get answers to your queries on bills, switching data plans, setting up service, and other topics.


Customer assistance is also reachable by phone, Facebook Messenger, SMS, and with an anticipated wait time. The contact number for Xfinity Mobile is (888) 936-4968.

I had to get in touch with Xfinity Mobile customer service for the first time when my Samsung Galaxy S8 abruptly broke down.


When I visited an Xfinity store, I was unable to acquire a replacement that away, but the next day, I received a new phone in the mail.


No further money came out of my wallet because my phone was still under warranty and less than a year old.


I called Xfinity Mobile again and inquired as to whether my Samsung Galaxy S8 was locked or unlocked. It appeared to be locked.


The phone was easily unlocked by Xfinity Mobile because it had been paid off.


Is Xfinity Mobile’s coverage reliable?

Because Xfinity Mobile uses Verizon’s network, it works best for those who have reliable Verizon service in their places of residence, employment, and travel. Additionally, users can connect for free to the millions of Xfinity Wi-Fi hotspots.


Why should I use the Wi-Fi hotspots provided by Xfinity?

The data you use when you connect to an Xfinity Wi-Fi hotspot at home or when travelling is free. It won’t count towards your monthly data allotment.


How can I access the free Wi-Fi hotspots provided by Xfinity?

To help you find a Wi-Fi hotspot nearby, Xfinity offers a map of available locations. When you’re within range of the hotspot, if your phone doesn’t immediately connect, connect to “xfinity wifi” from your phone’s settings.


Are the unlimited plans from Xfinity Mobile actually unlimited?

The three unlimited options from Xfinity Mobile provide 20GB to 50GB of high-speed data each month. For the remainder of the billing cycle, speeds are slowed after exceeding the high-speed data cap.

Does Xfinity Mobile offer high-speed data?

The Unlimited Plus and Unlimited Premium plans from Xfinity Mobile offer premium data, which gives you precedence when the network is congested. Premium data is also available with the By the Gig plan. During times of network congestion, subscribers to the Unlimited Intro plan might notice decreased data speeds.


Does Xfinity Mobile have plans for smartwatches?

For $10 a month, you may add a smartwatch to your Xfinity Mobile plan. You will have limitless chat and texting with this. Your phone plan’s data cap will be affected by your smartwatch’s data.


Does Xfinity Mobile examine your credit?

A soft credit check could be performed by Xfinity Mobile; it won’t have an effect on your scores. Your eligibility for the phone service will be determined in part by the credit screening and your Xfinity billing history.

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