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What is Snapdragon & Mediatek? Snapdragon vs Mediatek (Simple Explaination)

SnapDragon Vs MediaTek

SnapDragon Vs MediaTek – When we going to purchase a smartphone, we must think about which processor is best among snapdragon and MediaTek, but we can’t determine which one is best by only knowing the name of that processor.

In this article, we are going to compare a big topic that is SnapDragon Vs MediaTek. we will compare the cheapest which comes with almost every smartphone.

You must hear about Snapdragon or MediaTek various varients like snapdragon 720, 270G or Mediatek Helio 420, etc These are of various types, the more advance cheapest, the more powerful it is.

Look at this article, we compared 4 chipsets of smartphones, this will guide you if you are searching for the best gaming phone or a flagship phone. Best Gaming Processor For Games Like BGMI & COD.


Difference between SnapDragon And MediaTek

SnapDragon Vs MediaTek – when we compare both Snapdragon and MediaTek we will find out that for some reason snapdragon is good and for the rest, some MediaTek is better.

in simple words, some processors are good at gaming, battery consumption, fast performance, and some processor are best at processing, fast charging, and many other factors.

So when we differentiate between SnapDragon and MediaTek we will find out that snapdragon is better than MediaTek as it is more reliable and fast processing.

SnapDragon Vs MediaTek Who Will Win?

If we compared with 2 smartphones having different processors snapdragon and MediaTek of the same price range.  then we can find out the best and we can say that this processor is better than the other one.

To find out this, we try an experiment in our home with two smartphones of the same price range and we found many differences between these two processors and now we are going to share all these details with you, so get ready to find out who is best SnapDragon Vs MediaTek. 


When we talk about performance between these phones, we will find out that snapdragon is a little bit faster than the MediaTek, the processing speed is fast in snapdragon that makes the smartphone faster to use, so we can say that here snapdragon is won over MediaTek.

Battery Life

When we speak about battery life in both processors, it was found that the MediaTek processor has long battery life than the Snapdragon processor, it happens because MediaTek is a little bit slower than the snapdragon processor, hence we can say that here is won MediaTek over snapdragon.


This is a big issue in smartphones and honestly speaking if you are a gamer then this problem will irritate you every single day when you used to play games with your smartphone. so to find out we play games with both phones having these 2 processors and we find out that MediaTek is heated faster than snapdragon, however, both phones are heating but MediaTek is fast in both of them. so here wins snapdragon.

Cost or Price

When we talk about the prices of these cheap sets of smartphones, we can say that we can get better performance phones at a low price when we purchase a smartphone having snapdragon processor in it, and if we want to purchase the same performance smartphone we have to spend more if we purchase smartphone having MediaTek processor in.

So, By Comparing both smartphones, we found that snapdragon processors are better than MediaTek processors when we talk about performance and many other features.


So, That is all in this “SnapDragon Vs MediaTek” Article, I hope this article will help you to purchase a better smartphone for you or you friend and families. If you like our review please share these articles with those who need to understand what is best between snapdragon and MediaTek, so that they can also be aware of it and make a good decision when they purchase a smartphone for them.

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