A Complete History of the iPod: From 2001 to 2022

the iPod

The very first iPod was unveiled on October 23, 2001. The size of a deck of cards and weighing 6.5

The iPod was always fairly small compared to other MP3 players in 2001.

the iPod shuffle. The 0.78-ounce shuffle didn’t have a screen, and it only had 512MB or 1GB storage capacity

In 2004, Apple had released the iPod photo, an iPod that had an LCD screen that could hold and display photos. On October 12, 2005, Apple

the iPhone in August 2007 came after years of breakthroughs and firsts for smartphones, but it’s arguably the smartphone that made smartphones

2009–2013: Playing With Shapes and Features

Apple announced in 2014 that it would stop manufacturing the iPod classic

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