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Tesla Model Pi Phone – Price, Specfications, Release Date?

Tesla Model Pi Phone – Tesla’s Next Generation Phone

Tesla Pi Phone Price – Do You Know about TESLA, Do you know very strong rumors are coming from various trusted sources that a brand new smartphone called tesla model pi phone is going to release by tesla soon, this phone will be the next-generation smartphone.

This phone comes with very interesting and amazing features that are not coming yet. In This article, we are going to discuss everything you should know about the new Tesla model Pi Phone Price, Specfication and Release Date.

we all know that Tesla is an electric car manufacturing company and its owner is Elon musk, who always tries to launch something different and awesome than others. If Elon musk is going to release a “tesla pi phone Price then it will be an awesome smartphone.

Elon Musk is one of the richest people in the world and we all know that he is so powerful that we can relate with dogecoin that touched the moon score just because of one tweet which is tweeted by Elon musk himself.

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Tesla Model Pi Phone Price in The USA?

model pi phone price

Well, there is no Information or leak news so that we can assume the Tesla Model Pi Phone Price But It will be between 1000 To 12000 USD, but Elon musk is highly connected with cryptocurrency so I think you can purchase it by using cryptocurrency or Bitcoin, And you can say that bitcoin prices will be going to boom after launching this Tesla smartphone.

Read this for more information about the price and specs Click Here

But I can guess the price of Tesla Pi Phone Price which is to be the high range smartphone more than iPhone price. That will be a piece of very disappointing news for the tesla fans who are not able to afford it.


When Tesla Model Pi Phone is going to Release?

There was no confirmation about the launch date of the Tesla Model pi Phone release date, but Rumors are so strong, so we can say that it will be launched by the next year. Elon musk is going to surprise us with this amazing smartphone. However many specifications are leaked, this leaked news may be true or false.

What Will be the Specifications of the Tesla Model Pi Phone?

tesla model pi price price

First of all, we can assume that Tesla Model Pi Phone will be an almost automatic phone that means it will have a virtual mobile assistant like google assistant and SIRI.

Tesla Model Pi Phone is going to be a strong Smartphone because their tesla cars are strong so we can relate it with that.


Tesla Model Pi Phone will have a very high-frequency network that will give you almost 150-200 MBPS. We are saying this because Elon musk is the owner of SpaceX Company.

tesla model pi phone will be a 5G Smartphone with all 5G Tech Specifications along with many amazing specifications.


after launching this smartphone, we will make a separate article on tesla’s new smartphone, so make sure to subscribe to our blog, to get updates on this smartphone and many other interesting articles and news that you should know.

So that is all in this article tesla’s new smartphone which is Tesla Model Pi Smartphone is going to be the next-generation smartphone. please share thanks.


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