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Why My Phone is Hanging? & How can I stop my phone from hanging?

“Why My Phone is Hanging?”

Phone Hanging Issue – Phone hanging issue is very common at mid ranges smartphones today. But do you why your phone is hanging? well, we will discuss everything in this article, so if you are facing a hanging issue on your smartphone then read this article, I am sure you will overcome this issue by reading this article.

I am going to explain why your phone suddenly hangs? and also give you some methods that can be used to decrease your hanging issue.

So it is my request you to please read this article carefully and apply all the methods which I am going to explain in this article, and you will be happy with my solution.

Why My Phone is Hanging?

What is Hang? Well, when you using your phone and suddenly your phone is stuck in any app or game or anything else then we can say that your phone got hanged.

Now, why does it happen? There are many reasons that can cause your phone to hang suddenly, mentioned few reasons are the cause for hanging smartphones.

🢂Mobile is overloaded with files and apps – When you store many files and apps in your smartphone then there are huge chances to hang your phone.

🢂Mobile is getting Old – When your mobile is very old like 3 or 4 Years. Generally, Mobile’s processor is getting slow with the age of the mobile so chances of hanging increased there.

🢂Mobile is not Up to Date with the android version and patch level – If you have not updated your phone, means you are not secured with the vast variety of viruses present on the internet that caused you’re to phone to slow down and hang.

🢂You are using heavy games and Apps – When you use too many heavy games for a long period of time, your phone gets slow as your Phone’s RAM is not able to maintain the memory, which causes the mobile to hang.

🢂Your Storage and RAM may be low specific – hanging is also caused by low RAM And storage like if you have 2GB or 3GB Ram and storage like 16GB And 32GB then using phones for a long period of time may cause hang issues in mobile phones.

🢂You have many Running Apps in the background – Suppose you are using 10 different Applications in just 20 to 30 minutes and you have not removed these apps from the Recent Tab then the chances of hanging are there because RAM is limited you can not exceed the RAM Limit.


These are the common reasons for which a phone can cause hang, You can simply protect your smartphone from being hang by preventing these mention uses.

If your phone is very slow and always stuck then I will share with you some methods, by using these methods your phone might be a little bit fast, so let’s see some methods.


“How can I stop my phone from hanging”

🢂You can uninstall some unwanted Apps or Games – So it is the first method to prevent your mobile phone from being hang or slow, only you have to do is uninstall the apps that use did not use or their uses is very less. By uninstalling them your Free RAM space is increased.

🢂You can Free up your storage – So if you stored too much data on your smartphone, it may cause slow down your phone, so always free up your storage at least 30 percent of your mobile storage should be free to maintain the health of your phone. you can use a pen drive to store more data.

🢂You can use lite Apps Instead of Heavy Apps – If you don’t know about this, let me tell you, you do not require heavy apps always, you can use their lite versions to free up your RAM capacity. Suppose that you are using FB a lot, and you don’t want to uninstall it then you can use FB Lite, which will be good for your mobile also.

🢂You can use cleaner Apps – Do you know, nowadays cleaner apps are the most important thing for the smartphone, you have seen that MI, Realme, Samsung phones have already pre-installed cleaner apps, but if you are using different mobile, you can simply get the cleaner app from play store.

🢂Don’t use in-app purchase apps – Do you know what is in-app purchase app is? if you don’t know, it is a type of free application that can be install from the internet or play store that requires paid version to use but you use it for free and in return, you have to watch their ads which comes in their apps from time to time. that is called in app purchase applications. well, don’t use these types of apps because the ads they show you, maybe a caused by your phone hanging or slowing down.

🢂Don’t use your phone continuously – So it is the most common reason why your phone hangs, Because you are using continuously without any break, whether you are playing games or doing something else, the break is important for every type of phone, no matter you have 6GB or 8GB ram, you have to break in at least once in 2-3 hour.

So these are some common methods by which you can protect your smartphone from being hanged, if you like your guide please share it with your friends and family member who need to know this. thanks.

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